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Vytautas Lukočius, taiteellinen johtaja

How many concert halls I visit in a year?
Take a guess?
And how many places conductor feels like at home?
One! And yes, my home, it is here in Lappeenranta.

Rachmaninoff as he was living and preforming in US, was missing home and could not write his best music there, as he was home sick.

Only when he came to Europe he got energy for composing again, and when I come here I feel home and creative.

I am excited to share and talk to you.

Vytautas Lukočius on valmistutunut sekä Vilnan konservatoriosta pianistina ja kapellimestarina että Sibelius-Akatemian kapellimestariluokalta, jossa hänen opettajanaan on ollut mm. akateemikko Jorma Panula. Hän on opiskellut myös Moskovan Tshaikovski-konservatoriossa. Vuonna 2006 Lukocius voitti 3. kansainvälisen Jorma Panula -kapellimestarikilpailun. Lukočius on johtanut lähes kaikkia maamme ammattiorkestereita sekä toiminut Liettuan valtiollisen sinfoniaorkesterin ja Klaijpeidan teatterin kapellimestarina.

Vytautas Lukočius
Taiteellinen johtaja
Artistic director

Kapellimestarin terveiset


Do you remember when you were younger, when your energy and emotions pour over the edges?

I remember... all excitements, victories and failings, falling in love – Sturm und Drang Schiller and Goethe era. And I am sure, all our best memories and dreams merge through music listening to transform to new forms of the present, making us feel, love and hate, timeless Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet's love story breeze to our hearts.

Can you imagine that our Orchestra got the chance of swimming in the ocean of emotions? I promise: a miracle will happen it already happened! We got one-fifth of our orchestra team younger, musicians who are eager to share their best professional skills and feelings. Those people went long way from an early age to master perfect management of own musical instrument. For some, it took 20 years for someone even more: to study, courses in Finland and abroad, contests and lots of concerts and experiences on the stage.

With excitement, I wait myself for the first meeting with rejuvenated Lappeenranta city orchestra, when experienced musicians and young people will join the team for new challenges and expressions. These people will join the cultural and social life of the beautiful city of Lappeenranta.

Join us rejuvenated!